Have you ever had the urge to redesign your bedroom door? We know we have. Just randomly sitting in your room, and looking at the room door gives us so many ideas about what can be done to make it look more attractive and more intriguing. To begin with, your room starts with your room door. It doesn’t have to look plain and boring. Your bedroom door is something that we feel should also stand out no matter how fancy or amazing the rest of your room’s interior is.

The best part about designing or even redesigning your bedroom door is that it doesn’t have to be difficult or too heavy on your pocket. We’re going to share some simple yet affordable tips and tricks here that’ll help you make your room door look more attractive whilst aligning it with the rest of your room interior. You won’t have the need to replace your door with an entirely new one, which can cost you quite some bucks.

Room Door Stickers or Decals

Decorating your room door has never been easier and more cost-friendly than this hack. You’ve probably decorated your room wall with stickers and decals before. They’re easily available in the market and as well as online. But have you ever tried doing the same for your door? If not, then you should definitely try this out!

It’s affordable, and it gets the job nicely done. These stickers and decals are available in a vast variety and it will help make your bedroom door look more alive. These stickers and decals are available in different patterns, textures, colors AND they also come in images and text both.

Another great thing about these decals and stickers is that they can cover up any door damage that maybe there. When choosing these just keep in mind that whatever you go for should be aligned with your room’s overall theme and interior. Another thing to consider is whether the sticker will stick perfectly to your door material. A simple solution for this is to just ask the seller if the sticker can easily adhere to your door material.

You don’t need an expert for this. It’s like an easy DIY. All you need to do is clean your door properly before sticking the decals or stickers on it so that it sticks properly.

Decorative Nails

Instead of having geometric patterns engraved on your door or having an entirely new one designed with such patterns, you can do this yourself. No expert needed! You must be thinking how is that possible? Well friends, when will these decorative nails, that you see in the market every other day, come in handy? Order them online or pick them up from the market. You know what to do next.

You can make different patterns by using these nails. This will create a separate panel effect on your door. The only thing that you need to ensure is whether your door can be pinned with nails or not. If yes, then the next step is to simply tape the pattern on your door to provide you with a guide to follow. Then just nail along with it and voila! You got yourself a self-designed room door.

Hide your Bedroom Door Using Curtains

Curtains and doors? We know you must be thinking “But they’re meant for the windows”. Well, surprise! They can be used for door décor as well. Trust us when we say this, they look just great! You can use fabric panels to decorate bedroom doors whether they are solid or made of glass.

Curtains can make the door to your room look more attractive, especially if you find one that goes perfectly with the interior of your room and its overall theme. This would help make it seem more integrated with the decor of your bedroom.

Using Mirrors

Mirrors are something that can be used anywhere at all. They enhance anything and everything while adding a touch of elegance to it. If you’re looking to improve the outlook of your door from being boring to something interesting, then adding mirrors to it is what you need to do.

Adding an array of mirrors to your bedroom door will make the room look bigger and spacious. This is also a good way to shift the flow of energy around your room and create a sense of calmness.

Something important to consider when choosing a mirror for your door is to check if its weight is appropriate enough for your door to handle. If the mirror is too heavy, it can damage the door. Especially if the material of the door is not steady. An alternative thing that can be done is to use mirror motif stickers. They are widely available in the market and online. The only difference will be that of the reflecting quality which won’t be as good but it will fulfill the purpose of decorating your door.

Ordinary shaped mirrors, rectangular or circular ones, look very boring. A good way to make them seem more attractive and interesting is to use mirrors of various shapes and sizes and mixing them together. It will give a more artistic look.

Chalkboard Installment

We love the look a chalkboard finish provides to the door. It makes the door look very artistic and aesthetically pleasing. You can write a quotation on it or anything else that you feel like. Something that would define you best. You can even use it to write your daily to-do list so you never forget a day’s tasks.

So the next time you think your door is boring and too simple, you will have a list of creative ideas that you can make use of. You can utilize these ideas to make your doors seem more interesting and attractive. It will leave you with a room door that makes an impression every time someone steps through it.