Wood is that one thing we never seem to get enough of. We are simply obsessed with it and its versatility. We’ve done quite a few blogs on wood but this is the one that we feel can really catch your attention and help in uplifting your bedroom whilst keeping things simple. From a fancy cottage styled bedroom with rough edges and asymmetrical lines to a stylishly designed western one, you name it! Wood is your answer to everything. And adding a wooden wall design to your bedroom would just be a cherry on the top. They add texture and depth to the room. The best part about wooden walls is that there is an array of wood panels for it that you can choose from, and they are very simple to install. One thing we love about wooden walls is that they fit well with any kind of room, the interior and design all included. They instantly give your room that much needed “wow” factor.

Some of the wooden wall designs and panels that you can use for your bedroom are:

Ash Wood Panels as Wooden Wall Design

When installing a wooden wall, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is to use a wood that is strong, dense, and durable. There are certain types of wood that are probably not as strong as they should be, for them to be used as wall installation material.  Ashwood is exactly the kind of material that you need for this. It’s dense, durable, and strong.

Ash wood is a known wood type that is used to make bows, tools, and baseball bats. Which is why we recommend it to be used as the paneling for your wooden wall design. Once you have these panels installed, we assure you that they’ll last you a lifetime. It creates a warm and cozy feeling that makes you feel like you’re living in a modernized version of a cave. Placing spotlights on this wooden ceiling would add a chic touch to not just the wall but also the room as a whole.

Geometric Cedar Wooden Wall Panel

Another wooden wall design that you can make use of to modernize your bedroom is wood panel design with geometric patterns. If you use cedar wood for this purpose, it’ll automatically help add some fragrance to your room as well while helping keep the insects away.

One good thing about a geometric pattern is that it can be customized as per your room’s design and it is unconventional. So it adds a unique touch to your room. Geometric patterns are seamless but they create an aesthetically pleasing and a striking look.

Walnut Wood Panels

If you want to add wooden wall design to a room that is tight on space then this is your go-to design! But why is that so? That is because this design helps to add depth to a small-sized bedroom, making it look more spacious.

Offset wood paneling is a great idea for modern bedrooms. The cladding pattern can easily become a major décor element for your tiny room.

Reclaimed Oak Panels

It doesn’t really matter if you make use of old or reclaimed wood. It is still going to make your room look classy and add a striking effect to it.

Actually, you know what? We feel like adding reclaimed wood panels makes a room look even more appealing. It gives a modern yet antique look to it. So the older the wood panels the better. This is what we believe.

A focus wall or a wall that has been designed entirely with reclaimed wood (oak wood in this case) can instantly transform your room into something even better than before. It offers a rustic charm to the bedroom while giving a rough yet flawless appeal to the entire space.

Rustic Barn Wood Cove Panels

Rustic barn wood with cove paneling is a classic. It has a significant impact in the bedroom as a feature wall or a floor to ceiling wall. Rustic barn wood is highly versatile because of the styling options that it comes with, inclusive of designs and textures. This type of panel design lives by its name and brings the feel of an old rustic barn to any bedroom.

Soft Wood Panels

If you’re someone who doesn’t really like rustic walls but does find a wooden look appealing, then softwood panels are your go-to wooden wall design. Softwood paneling has a smooth texture to it and is also easy on the eyes. It gives a calming feel. It adds an elegant statement to the room you install this paneling in. We’d recommend incorporating two tones of wood to make the overall bedroom interior seem more attractive and appealing to the eyes.

These are just six wooden wall design ideas that can enhance the overall look of your bedroom and its interior. There are so many other wood design techniques as well that you can make use of. Try adding wooden panels to your ceiling only and not the wall. This material is fun and easy to maintain. You can play around with it in so many ways. You will never run out of ideas when it comes to wood. You can add different stains and finishes to these designs as well and it will turn out to be a completely different and new design. This is something that maybe even we wouldn’t have thought of. So, next time you consider doing something or adding something to your bedroom walls, and it involves wood, do try doing some research. We’re sure you can come across a lot more options than what we have provided you with. But for beginners, this should get you going well.