Wood is a material that is versatile and highly flexible in terms of how you play around with it. This isn’t all, what we love about wood is that it can never go out of style or be wrong. It’s a material that is classic and timeless. You’d see it used in older homes for their home decoration and you’ll see it being used in more contemporary houses of today as well. Which is in itself proof that wood is a timeless home decoration material.

Another amazing thing about wood is that it is extremely easy to use and is comparatively low maintenance as well. One thing we’re already well-aware of, about wood, is its durability and strength. Other perks of using wood as a home decoration material are:

  • An array of options to choose from
  • Easy to use
  • Each wood type has a separate appearance and finish
  • The finish can be changed
  • It can be stained and painted upon
  • It gives a warm and cozy look
  • Perfect material for decorating an interior

Did we just mention décor and interior in the last pointer? Yes, we did. This is where we will continue the next part of this blog from, and that is to see how can wood be used in different ways for home decoration.

Wood Flooring – Your Hack to Home Decoration

There are different ways you can go about wooden flooring for your home’s interior décor. You can get a simple wood effect floor made, or have actual wooden flooring done, which is plain. But another way you can have this done is by having a parquet floor made. A parquet floor is a mosaic-patterned wooden floor. It has a geometric mosaic of wood pieces used for a decorative effect.

The good thing about a parquet floor is that it’s simple, yet it looks luxurious and gives warmth to the part of your home where you decide to add that flooring. The question is, which type of wood will be suitable for such flooring? Well, oak planks are mostly used, which have been treated with some kind of varnish or oil. These planks are available in various lengths, thickness, and widths. It’s completely dependent on your need and what you’d want to choose. You can even have the length or width further adjusted by customizing them to your own preference. This you can do yourself or have it done for you.


Like we mentioned before, wooden home décor is something that’s timeless. Wood is a classic material used for home decoration. The same is the case with wooden paneling. It might seem old and outdated, but it still is used to date, in modern and contemporary home design. And that is what we love about it! This wooden wall covering can really make your home look different. And it fits amazingly well with a country-side interior.

Wooden Separating Wall

Wood is considered an amazing material for a separating wall. Separating walls are a good technique to enhance your home’s walls. It would add to the home decoration as a whole. The best way to go about this is to add vertical planks a few centimeters from one another. These would act as a separating wall between two rooms, such as your living and dining room. Another great thing about a separating wall is that it helps create a special room for you while maintaining contact between both the rooms. This is something that can be used not just for your home but is also a great idea to make use of for your office, as it would allow for maximum communication among people all the while allowing for some personal space.

Wooden Ceilings

 Wooden ceilings are something that was used in classic and conventional homes. But if you think that they got limited to just that, you’re wrong. Renovators are making use of these wooden beams by highlighting them in the interior or by transforming them into wooden ceiling cladding. This really helps enhance the wooden wall design of a room.

Doors and Stairs

 Wood is the most commonly used material for doors. Unless you’re using glass for your doors, you’d always come across wood as the material being used for doors. This is something which we specialize in as well. We have a variety of wooden door designs such as Juan and Alonso.  

You’d come across builders and interior designers having doors finished in paint and some even let them be as it is so that their wooden structure could stand out. Same is the case with a wooden staircase. If by any chance it gets worn out or starts to feel old, you can simply have it painted and voila! Your staircase is good as new. This is one of the reasons why we say that wood (certain types of it) is a comparatively low-maintenance material.

Wooden Furniture

 Just like doors, furniture is also something that is mostly made of wood. Whichever piece of furniture you lay your hands on, you’ll notice that most of them are made of wood. Only certain parts of them are made of some other material. But a good thing about this is that when it comes to decorating your home with furniture, you aren’t limited to a certain wood type or finish only. You can choose from an array of options which include finishes, colors, and formats as well. We’d recommend going for black wood if you like Scandinavian looks or choose a mahogany sideboard for a retro style.

Wooden Decoration

Other than this, there are many wooden decoration pieces that you can make use of for any part of your home décor. There’s something for everyone in the market; both online and in retail stores. Wooden bowls, hat stands, tea light holders, photo frames, you name it! You’ll find everything. There are also several DIY projects that you can take on if you don’t exactly want to purchase something.

So, next time when you plan to work on your home decoration, you can use any of these hacks. They will help you immensely. They will also help to enhance the overall look and feel of your house, whether it is contemporary or a traditional one.