We usually just purchase a table and don’t bother getting into the details. The details of what it’s made of and what kind of finish it has. But why is that so? It is mainly because we’re only concerned with the utility, functionality, and the kind of look a table has as a whole. One thing everyone needs to understand is the kind of finish and material office tables are made of, play a huge role in determining not just their functionality but also their overall look as well. So, for when you make your next purchase, a furniture expert like us would highly recommend you to look at such nitty-gritty things in detail.

Different kinds of Materials used for Office Tables

An office table is where most of your time is spent. Whether you’re at your proper workplace or in your home-based office. Your office table needs to be made of a material that doesn’t just look right but also feels right. Some of the materials that office tables are made of are:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Laminate

Wood as an Office Table Material

Wood is considered to be the most traditional material used for any office related furniture. It is also the most traditional and common form of material used for desktops. A wooden desktop can be used on top of an all-wood table and even a metal-based table. It works well with both. Wood is considered to be a highly versatile material anyway. If you own a table with a worn out tabletop, you can have it replaced with a wooden top or if you own a wooden table and its top has worn out, you can remodel it by painting, staining, or playing around with its finish.

Glass as an Office Table Material

Office tables with glass tabletops are a good option to be considered. They help add a bold yet modern touch to any office table at all. One good choice to make here would be to purchase an office table that has a glass tabletop with a metal or wooden body. The aim of choosing such a table is that it helps expand the visual space with its glass surface and highlights all the pieces of furniture that are being placed in the room. Glass is also easy to maintain as a tabletop. It can be removed when cleaning, for a thorough wipe down. And the fact that it can be removed makes is helpful when moving the table elsewhere. The glass can also be cut into different shapes and sizes, as per the design requirement of your furniture.

Metal as an Office Table Material

Metal is a material that helps office tables be your ultimate friend in terms of utility. It is a material that can be used to add a modern touch to any piece of furniture, including an office table. As mentioned before, metal can be combined with a glass tabletop for a high contrast look as compared to a traditional desk constructed of wood.

Lamination as an Office Table Material

Lamination is a protective layer that is laid upon various materials, such as wood. Mostly it is a plastic coating which is meant to keep the desk stain and wrapping of the office tables resistant to wear and tear. This is especially applicable to wooden surfaces. These are not the most luxurious desktops but they are practical, versatile and provide peace of mind.

Different Kinds of Finishes used for Office Tables

Office desks, in particular the wooden ones, come in a variety of finishes. The most famous of these finishes are natural, white, black and grey. These are also the most common of all finishes available.

Natural Finish

A natural wood finish is one of the most common finishes to be used for office tables. They can be stained light or dark, as per your requirement. This is a look that is classic and timeless. It’s even being used these days on contemporary designs. Due to the timelessness of this look and the amazing finish, it has remained popular till date.

White Finish

This office table finish has gotten famous quite recently. It helps add an element of brightness and a sparkling tone to any room where this table is placed. At Edwags, we identify the current trends and have them implemented in our designs. This can be seen in our meeting tables, executive tables and other tables as well.

Another advantage of adding white-finish to a table or purchasing an office table with a white finish is that it helps to open up any space. These tables make the room where they are placed seem more spacious.

Black Finish

Black finish provides a more modern feel and look as compared to white or a natural finish. This kind of finish helps maintain a contemporary yet serious and stately look. It is classier than a white-finish. You will even come across office tables whose bodies come in metal black.

Grey Finish

One thing that we love about tables with a grey finish is that they give off a very calm vibe. Office tables with a grey finish have neutral tones that they impart with a modern edge to them. Such tables are less warm and traditional than natural wood, yet brighter and less serious than an all-black model. These finishes help strike a fine balance.

If you consider these finishes and materials before making your next purchase for office tables, we can assure you that it would not just ease the purchase-decision process (just like choosing the right paint, you can cancel out the options that you don’t like and what your room doesn’t need) but also make your office area look better.