A modern house design is the one that does not just happen out of the blue. It requires time, patience, and loads of creativity in terms of design skills. But before you actually get into designing the house, some of the things that you need to understand are:

  • The layout of your home
  • Material required
  • The décor you require
  • The colors that would work well with the overall design

Your modern house design will be made from a combination of your understanding of these things. Its design plans come with an array of features. It is completely up to you on how you make your house come to life and make it speak to you. You will be guiding your interior designer and architect throughout the way. They will be needing your assistance. One thing we’d like to recommend here is that you should definitely engage a designer or architect for this process because it will help you a lot. The expertise that they bring to the table can never be brought by a layman. Their expertise will add value to your modern house design that you have a rough sketch of in your mind. Whether you are remodeling your home or having it designed from scratch, we have jotted down some tips regarding the features that your modern house design should have. These will act as your guideline.

A Straightforward Floor Plan for a Modern House Design

One of the major things that differentiate a modern house design from regular or traditional house design, is its floor plan. The floor plan’s layout and shape matter a lot. A traditional home does not have an organized or symmetrical floor plan as compared to that of a modern home. A modern or contemporary designed house has rectilinear spaces that are arranged around a pivotal point. These characteristics make it easy to differentiate between the two design styles. If your current house has a disorganized floor plan then you should get it redesigned into a more straightforward layout. The easy way around this is to check if you can converge two small rooms into one large room or remove any extra walls.

Make Use of an Open Floor Plan

We’ve previously discussed having an open floor plan at the office. An open floor plan is basically the one that allows for one floor to be joined with another. One area flows into the next. This allows for the area to be more spacious as there aren’t any walls in between to restrict the area or define two separate spaces. However, traditional homes do not follow an open floor plan and have separate rooms with some kind of walled distinction between them. Each room is different and separate from the other one. We’d recommend having an open floor plan for your modern house design, as this would allow for more interaction and space. It would create an increased sense of openness. You might need to add beams in order to support weight in the open area, depending on the existing structure and frames.

Simplified Roof Design

A modern house design has a flat structured roof whereas traditional designs have pitched roofs. The reason a modern house has a simplified roof is that it has multiple spaces housed under a single continuous roof structure. This eliminates the complexity and grants freedom for getting the floor plan right, without affecting the roof design much. If you are someone who currently has a traditional house with a traditionally designed pitched roof, you have 2 options to convert it into a modern house:

  • Work on other parts of your home exterior and interior to convert it into a modern house design
  • Remodel the current traditional roof completely and convert it into a flat structured, simplified roof design

Window Designing of a Modern Home

Modern houses as a whole have more glass usage than traditional houses. The same is the case with designing the windows of a modern house. They have vast expanses of glass that occupy the entire wall usually. However, traditional houses have smaller windows and are made of standard casements that open up. But the benefit of having larger windows is that they allow for more light to pass through and make the home look more bright and lively.

If you have a home that has traditional windows currently, then you need to work on their shape, size, and location. You would want to work upon these features in order to create a modernized look. One simple hack would be to switch from a double or single hung window to a fixed window. This can help modernize the look of your home.

Increased Storage Spaces

A modern house design considers the placement, storage, and design of all the important parts. The storage solutions that they offer include cabinets, built-in cupboards or wardrobes, and modular furniture systems. The main difference between the two design categories is that of style and the overall look that they offer. One way in which you can keep your home free from all kinds of clutter is by opting for flat slab cabinet doors. To give your house a more modern look, try to avoid recessed panels and decorative wooden profiles that are common for traditional home designs mostly.

These are some of the tips and tricks that we recommend you to keep in mind when working on your modern house design. They can greatly help to change the overall look of your house. However, it is not essential to execute all of these things. You need to look into what would best suit you, your budget, and what you really need to get done. Only then make your choice and final decision!