Whenever you have guests coming over you don’t ask them to come and sit in your living room or your bedroom. Especially if they are coming over for the first time. In addition to this, it’s just a cherry on top if you are part of the Asian culture. This is why the first area of the home you expose them to is your drawing-room, and its décor needs to be paid special attention to. This is the room that defines the character of your home and its design defines the feel and ambiance. It is the drawing room from which your home gets its personality and people get to have a taste of what it is like to be a part of your family and what sort of a family you have as well. This is why this room needs to be well designed and planned, for it to be able to resonate that feeling to your guests. They need to feel welcomed and comfortable. The drawing-room wall design is just one part of the designing and planning process but it needs to be paid good attention to. Interior designers like us look closely into each and every small detail which can help any space look better, define you and your family better, and just enhance the overall look. Our aim is to come up with something that speaks to YOU. So let’s dig in!

Exposed Walls and Ceiling Designs for Drawing-Room Wall Design

One thing that is really trending these days is the concept of exposed walls. Modern homes are making use of this trend to the very fullest. By exposed walls, we mean brick walls. This is a trend that is a combination of contemporary and traditional design and hence makes the room or space look even more appealing. This look can be achieved during construction and even by giving a faux effect.

Other than this, brick exposed ceilings are also in trend, that is, following the same faux or construction look. Drawing room ceilings look great with textured effects. You can paint over these kinds of walls with a neutral color such as white, off-white or cream, or just leave it brick red and hang a few décor plates or paintings for a 70’s era décor. This is one way through which you can make your drawing-room wall design look different than the usual and have a modern touch at the same time.

Contrasting Colored Walls

Since there is not much going around in drawing-rooms usually, you can play with their walls quite a lot. Play around with different colors and textures. A hack for this was discussed previously in “How to choose the Perfect Paint Color for your Room Wall Decoration?” The hack was simple, that first get rid of all the colors that you don’t like, from the catalog you are choosing the paint color from. Then you’ll be only left with the colors that you like and you can choose one or more colors (if required) easily. The same is the case with choosing wallpapers. One more thing that you can look at, to be on the safer side, is to check if it is the color that you wanted for your walls. Test with a paint swatch on the wall to be sure. Usually, the color that you choose is lighter in the catalog and turns out to be darker when painted on the wall. Also, consider the kind of light your room, and specifically, its wall is being exposed to.

According to the wallpaper or wall paint chosen, accessorize your wall with paintings or wall hangings. This would really help to enhance the overall look of the wall and the room as a whole. It is recommended to keep the rest of your drawing room simple and minimalistic (this includes the furniture as well) and focus more upon the drawing-room wall design. This has a greater impact on the overall look.

Adding Mirrors for a Larger than Life Feeling

Mirrors are one of the best accessories to add to any room at all. It helps make the rooms look more stylish and contemporary. They can expand any space at all and as a result, the room looks more spacious. Even the smallest of rooms. You just need to find the right mirror for the room and the right placement for it. For your drawing room, there are quite some options that you can make use of. Such as resting a large mirror against the wall or fixing it upon it, resting it on a mantle or place it at the entrance. One tip here is to make use of mirrors of different sizes and shapes and it will transform your drawing room massively.

Adding Attractive Light Fixtures

One thing that you need to be careful with when looking into your drawing-room wall design is to go easy on the light bulbs and fixtures. Too much of anything can kill the ambiance of any room at all. The same is the case with light bulbs and fixtures. If you overdo them, they end up being overkill and can change or negatively impact the focal point of the room. Change an unattractive lighting fixture to an elegant chandelier that goes with your drawing room’s contemporary design. Make one yourself or repaint an existing chandelier. Strong colors overhead complement a room’s lighter shade. Alternatively, a lighter, glass encrusted shade keeps the focus on your drawing room’s interior design.

Drawing rooms are the center of attention for any home, mainly because of the guests’ footfall there. This is why the décor, including the drawing-room wall design, needs to be paid special attention to. The above-mentioned ideas provided by us can really help convert your simple drawing room to something more modern and fabulous, from cold to cozy and from staid to something thoughtfully put together. So, we’d say it’s time that you get your drawing-boards out and start redesigning your drawing-room now!