Importance of a Good Sofa Set in Office

 Your cabin might have its own seating arrangement, the same could be true for your boss’s cabin as well. But there is a difference between that seating and the seating arrangement for your office’s waiting area. Waiting areas tend to set the mood of the entire place for guests who come in. This is their first impression. You wouldn’t want to mess that up, now would you? Especially if you have candidates coming in for their interview. It will be their first impression on how important they are to the company and give them a sense of work culture there. So yes, having a good waiting area with exceptional guest seating is important. It needs to be done with proper planning, in terms of aesthetics as well as seat comfort.

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Quality Sofa Set and Clientele

A quality sofa set is important to provide quality guest seating. But why is that so? It’s because you have all kinds of guests and clients coming in. They can be interview candidates, new potential clients, or even stakeholders. Low profile clients are usually not that difficult to impress or convince, but high profile clients can be a real task. You’d want to make your clients feel as comfortable and at ease as possible. This is where a good sofa set comes in handy. You don’t want them to just feel welcome and important but also well-looked after.

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Define your Brand

A good guest seating and waiting area is the one that defines your brand. Its ambiance, interior, and décor should be such that it subtly defines your brand and lets people experience it while they wait. This is a part of your pitch to them.  The second most important thing after aesthetics is the comfort of the seating that you provide to your guests. The seating or sofa set you choose should be physically comfortable. A comfortable guest is more likely to be positively inclined to do business with your company.

High Back Sofa Sets

It is important to consider the kind of guests you expect coming into your office. If it involves guests and clients who would be spending a long time in your office and might even have to wait for a while in the waiting area, then it is recommended to have high back sofa sets. You can place such sofa sets, like our Charlotte, even in your personal office. But what difference does it make? Well, having sofa sets with a higher back can be really beneficial for clients who are expected to stay longer for meetings. Mainly because these backs can provide the head and neck comfort during long meetings. Such a sofa set is also great for office employees, as they serve the purpose of relaxation, discussions, and even to go through paperwork.

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Large Waiting Areas

If you have a large common area of some kind, it is a great place to be used for guests and employees to just relax for some time. For such areas, a sofa with a pair of guest chairs and a few tables can work really well. Long L-shaped or U-shaped seating is also beneficial because it provides room for people to even lay down and relax, just like our Josephine. To make the sofa look better, you can add some color to the seating but keep the rest of the office and room interior in mind when doing so. Such types of guest seating or waiting areas are important because they make people feel cared for and important to the company. Another important aspect, when choosing your office sofas and visitor chairs, is to keep the empty space in mind. The seats should sufficiently fill any empty space all the while leaving enough space for moving around.

Executive Offices

The guest seating would be different for an executive office. Where the meetings that take place are usually shorter and people are not required to spend much time there. The seating, in this case, should be comfortable yet firm and have more of a “one size fits all” arrangement. The most ideal and lightweight seating is the one with a sled base leg. A sled base lightweight chair, with a cushioned seat, helps your guests sit in comfort and also enables them to move the chair during discussions. Chairs with a breathable mesh back are a great option for such requirements.

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Casual Seating

For casual seating areas, consider a curved or rounded back sofa set which reflects a modern business work culture. Here you can go for bright colors to make your guests feel the freshness and energy of your workplace. The fresh and vibrant look will let your guests know that they’re in a dynamic environment. Don’t be scared to add an element of playfulness and fun to your casual seating. It is perfectly alright to do so. Use bright colors like yellow or purple to give the area a modern twist. It will leave a good and rich impact on the guests that come in.  You can use modern designs having an open or rounded back with tea stands at the side. Go for metal seating legs to provide a clean line to the seating architecture.

One of the simplest ways to impress visitors coming into your office is to provide guest seating in every corner and open space. For the sofa set or seating that you provide there, keep in mind the kind of guests that would be coming in. This highly impacts the kind of business your company gets and how much the clients get inclined towards you. This is why it is important to pay attention to the concept and planning of your guest seating and aligning it with the rest of the office vibe. This, in turn, will make your clients, stakeholders, and business partners feel welcome, happy, and comfortable to work and establish business relations with you.