Choosing paint color for your room wall decoration is honestly one of the toughest decisions to make. You have so many options to choose from and some of the colors look so much alike. It just gets really confusing. We know a lot of families who come to us with their home interior projects, and when they have to choose the paint color, they take days to decide. Even after taking different paint testers from brands and trying them out, it seems not to make much of a difference to their decision process. In the end, it’s more of a “let’s just get done with it” kind of a situation. But colors and playing around with them should be fun, shouldn’t it? It shouldn’t be made so complicated. Painting your room should be more about making memories with your friends and family. Memories that you can laugh on afterward.

To make this process simpler, we have jotted down some pointers that you can keep in mind when choosing the perfect paint color for your room wall decoration.

Room Wall Decoration – Step 1

The first step for choosing the right paint is to filter out all the colors that you don’t like. This would simplify the process so much! It will automatically filter out a wide range of colors from the catalog you were looking into for your room. Making this choice is usually faster and easier and allows sorting out at first-hand the various shades available.

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Natural Light of the Room – Step 2

When choosing the paint color for your room wall decoration consider what kind of light is your room, and in specific the wall, being exposed to? This is the second step in choosing the paint color for your room. The natural light that enters into a room determines what kind of effect a color will have. If your room is exposed from the Northside, then avoid using white paint in your room because it will barely even look “white”. It’ll only come off as grey instead. In such a case it is better to make use of pastel colors. However, if your room has more of an East exposure, then sunlight would come in during the mornings. In such a case it would be best to make use of bright colors that would warm up the overall interior of your room, even when the evening falls and there is no sun.  In a room that has exposure from the west, the sunlight comes in during the evening only. If you use warm colors, they may look too intense. In that situation, you can use cooler shades like greens and blues. A room that is exposed to the South can take any color. But remember that warm colors, which may look very nice, will also be highlighted and look very present during the day.

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Saturation of Colors and Natural Light – Step 3

When you are choosing the paint color for your room wall decoration it is important to consider natural light and its impact on the saturation of colors. Always keep in mind the brightness of a room when choosing the saturation of colors. The concept of saturation is such that:

  • It should be more intense for a room with less natural light
  • It should be a bit lighter for a room that benefits from quite a lot of sunlight

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Color Sampling – Step 4

Now when you have taken into account these factors, the important step comes in. This is that of “testing”. By now you know which colors you’d want to go ahead with. So, take a sample of your selected paint color and try it out. A small patch on the wall would work fine. Usually, when you select your color from the color chart, the outlook it has on the wall may vary from the one in the chart. It ends up looking darker once applied. Any place where the color is going to be spread affects the intensity of the color – whether it is applied on a vertical panel or a horizontal one. Usually, the color will have a darker effect on a vertical panel than a horizontal one. Hence doing a patch test of color sample is a must before you start painting all your walls, to check if the paint is giving the desired effect you want to give to your interiors.

If you follow these simple steps when choosing the paint color for your room wall decoration, we can assure you that your life would become very easy and the entire process would become much simpler to deal with. Colors and home renovation, or room renovation, would no longer seem like a headache. But would rather become something that you’d enjoy and look forward to in the future. So, get your creative hats on and start working on your next project with your friends and family. And if you ever feel like you need our help, you know where to find us.