It is important to continuously improve your home. Its interior design can be worked on from time to time. You don’t have to go all overboard with everything. It can even be just some minor changes. Like they say it’s the little things, the small details that matter. And what better option can there be than to make use of glass or mirror to improve your home’s interior design. Mirrors don’t just help enhance the space but are also cost-friendly. Mirrors are an awesome choice to make your space feel open, spread light, reflect your artworks on the wall, and apart from all this, they are also easy to clean.

Some of the ways through which you can improve your home’s interior design, YOURSELF, are:

  • Using gemstones for décor
  • Using a sunburst mirror
  • Using seashells for décor
  • Liven up the place by combining plants and mirrors
  • Using a farmhouse styled mirror
  • Using a twined frame mirror
  • Using an antique mirror
  • Using mirrors of different sizes
  • Using mirrors of different shapes

Now that we have set a foundation for the ideas we will be looking into, let’s dive into their details for better understanding.

Gemstones and Interior Design

Sticking gemstones on an oval mirror will not just improve the way it looks but also improve the interior of the rest of the room where this mirror would be placed. It would add to its interior design. The best part of this idea is that gemstones are easily accessible. You can order them online or get them from any other place as well. If nothing else, you might even have some of them on hand with you at home. You don’t necessarily have to use real gemstones. To save yourself the cost, if you actually have to buy some, you can buy artificial stones as well. They’ll play the same role in helping to beautify your home.

Sunburst Mirror

A sunburst mirror is another way through which you can improve your home’s interior design. It is a decorative mirror that is adorned with a natural wooden finish. The rays of the sun that are seen coming out of it are all wooden strips. A mirror of this sort is easy to clean as well. This can simply be done by using a piece of cotton or even cloth. But since this has a wooden finish to it, we’d recommend not to use any kind of chemical on it, especially for cleaning purposes.

Seashell Decoration

One other way through which you can beautify your mirrors, and as a result contribute towards improving your home’s overall interior design as well, are seashells. They are easy to purchase, budget-friendly, and can be purchased in bulk. All you have to do is just use a good glue to paste these on the frame of your mirror. They are lightweight and hence don’t make the mirror feel heavy either.

Mirrors and Plants

Adding plants or some kind of greenery always brightens and livens up any area. But an even better idea would be to combine plants and mirrors both. You can decorate your mirror with plants or flowers. The only disadvantage is that they need to be maintained; both in terms of the lighting in which they are placed and the amount of water they receive.

Farmhouse Style Mirror

These mirrors are decorative by nature and comprise of rusted frames. The best part about these mirrors is that they are very versatile in terms of their placement. Put them in your living room, hallway, bathroom, or wherever you want. You can decorate the frame as well if you want. They’d help enhance the interior design either way no matter where you place them.

Twine Framed Mirror

This is one of the easiest tricks that you can make use of to decorate your mirror and add a decorative element to your room. All that you need to do is get an oval or circle shaped mirror, place nails around it and then wrap the twine around the nails. And that’s it! You’ve got yourselves a self-made decorative piece for your room. A classic! It will make your interior look super decorative.

Antique Mirror

This kind of mirror is only used for decoration purposes. It is not reflective at all and has a distressed look to it. However, antique pieces are great for enhancing the interior of any room at all. It completely depends on you and how you’d want to make use of it. Place it on your wall or on your side table, whatever works for you.

Different Sized Mirrors

Personally, we’d recommend that if you are looking to improve any room’s interior, one of the best ways to go about it is to make use of different sized mirrors. The only trick here is how you’d place them around and do note that there should be some kind of symmetry existing between them. So, if you have stocked up on mirrors but haven’t been able to use them because of their varying sizes, now you know how they can be made use of. They’d look great hanging collectively on your living room or bedroom’s wall.

Different Shaped Mirrors

Consider opting for differently shaped or styled mirrors when thinking of using one in any of your rooms. Why? Because the shape or style of every room varies and the kind of mirror you place there reflects light accordingly. Which is why it is better to not just stick with the regular traditional mirrors which are rectangular or oval. Mirrors don’t always have to be practical. A differently shaped mirror can create a talking point as well, whilst giving the room that “wow-factor”.

Using these small DIY hacks you can surely improve any part of your home’s interior design without spending too much. You don’t have to go the extra mile always to achieve the look that you want. It can be achieved simply by using such hacks. So, let’s get to it!