Do you struggle with storage space? Are you tired of throwing out things that you want to keep and feel like you might need later? But you just end up getting rid of them because whoops! You’re short on space. Well, we understand what you go through. Story of everyone’s life. But hey! It doesn’t have to be like that, especially when you have us. This blog is here to solve all your home storage problems “creatively” while making sure that you don’t compromise on your house interior. The space utilization should be such that it helps to enhance your house interior as a result. So let’s get started!

Installing Drawers that Compliment your House Interior

One thing common in every Pakistani household is a shoe stand near the entrance of your home or a box that stores all your shoe polishes and cleaning cloths. But that shoe stand could ruin the overall house interior and take up extra space as well. So, why not utilize the space you already have on hand but might’ve never considered making use of all this time? You might be thinking of what it could be. It’s the space under your staircase! Yes! All that empty space you had all along can now be utilized by installing drawers or cabinets. You can place your shoes, which once belonged on the rack, in these drawers; along with all the other materials that were previously taking extra space elsewhere. Another good idea would be to use a combination of cabinets and drawers.

Doors and Bags

Be it a toddler, a teenager, a bachelor or even a married couple, we all tend to run short of storage space in our rooms. At times like these, you usually start to clear out your wardrobe, vanities, dressing tables, and more. It is a good thing too. But why forcefully clear out things? Things that you don’t even want to get rid of? There is a solution to everything. The answer to this can be simple. Make use of your room’s door. How? Hang bags at the back of your door. Screw some fixtures into your door and it will be good for hanging at least 3 storage bags easily for added space, without affecting the house interior in any way at all. Especially your room’s interior outlook. This isn’t only limited to a single room, you can make use of this hack for your kitchen as well.

Wine Racking your Towels

What most of us do for towel storage is to just tuck them in our closet or maybe hang them on the bathroom towel rack. Storing your towels in the closet definitely does take up space. Space that can be otherwise used and if that doesn’t apply to you then you might not be able to store all your towels together. You want to know how to fix this? Hang a wine rack and store your towels on it. This would help achieve a neat look. Fold your towels halfway in length and width and then roll the towel up. You can easily place your towel into a slot on the wine rack then. If you have theme-colored towels, alternating the colors is a great idea to make them look a little prettier.

Rack for Cleaning Products

The prime places where everyone stores their cleaning products are:

  • Powder room
  • Kitchen sink cabinets
  • Bathrooms

But do you have them placed here and there without any order and arrangement? A better way to have your cleaning material organized well, especially the spray bottles, is to just drill holes in the storage cabinet and hang the spray bottles over them by their lids. This frees up space for other products that can’t be hanged. For the rest of the cleaning material, just organize your material in 2 or 3 small baskets and store them in the cabinet. You can even install tiny plastic hooks to hang up your dusters, dusting cloths, etc. This way you get the job done without having to disturb anything in your house interior that was already in place.

Racks for Chopping Boards

I guess by now you must’ve understood that we are obsessed with racks. They are such an amazing storage facility. They serve multiple purposes. Keeping this in mind, one creative way of saving space and utilizing it at the same time is to install racks inside the kitchen utensils cabinet. It can be placed on the inside of the cabinet door. Just store all your cutting boards there. And if you have some space left you can even store some plates in it. By hiding these things away or shifting them from shelves to these racks, you’re saving a decent amount of space. You can even store spice jars, frying pans, kitchen rolls, and toilet rolls in these. The same hack can be applied to your living room or even for your own room, to store magazines or your course books.

Wine Rack Holder for Bottles

Here’s another great wine rack hack. But this time, we’re using it to save space in our cupboards. Water bottles are great for on-the-go drinking but they can be difficult to store. Especially if you’re someone who can’t help purchasing multiple of them.

Bottles are always falling over, being knocked over when reaching in, or falling out when you open the cupboard door and we know how annoying this can be. If you want to store your bottles in style (and protect your toes from these falling objects) then a wine rack is your best friend. Place it in the cupboard that holds your water bottles. You can then place all your bottles on the holder – and voila, a clean, organized and safe storage solution.

These were some of the hacks we recommend for you, to save space creatively while making sure that your house interior does not get disturbed in any way at all. So the next time you are having any storage problems you know what to do about it.