One of the best ways to remodel or revamp your kitchen is to simply change the look of your kitchen cabinets. This could change the overall look of your kitchen with just a few strokes of paint here and there. Which is why it is known to be one of the most affordable ways of remodeling your cookery area. Cabinet refacing is an affordable alternative for homeowners, with a multitude of transforming options.

Changing your Kitchen Cabinet Color

One way to reface your kitchen cabinet is to change the style or color. Solid wood cabinets can be finished in various glazes and stains. This enables them to look completely new and different. Another fun hack is that certain types of wood can even be painted. You can paint them whatever color you feel would look best with the rest of the kitchen interior.

Changing the Cabinet Style

One way to change your kitchen’s style is by changing the finishing of the cabinets. Maintenance-free lamination of the cabinet doors is also an affordable way to change the style. It has limitless style options that can help enhance any kitchen style.

Changing the Cabinet Functionality

A part of refacing is that you could change your kitchen cabinet’s functionality. Since you are remodeling, this means that you can even remove one kitchen cabinet or maybe add some kind of a feature to it. Catering to both of these aspects, a good example of this would be removing one of the kitchen cabinets from the top section and adding an induction cooktop instead. This would also help to add a modern touch to your kitchen, just like our Tenerife Island kitchen. You could even simply update your entire kitchen island. Adding open shelves or additional cabinets to your kitchen peninsula would make room for more storage. This storage space can then be used for whatever purpose you’d like.

Swapping Doors for Drawers

Refacing a kitchen cabinet does not necessarily have to be about changing the way it looks. That is if you are really trying to make some storage space and are tired of reaching out for cabinets made towards the lower end of the peninsula. They can be replaced with drawers instead. One large drawer could help save more space than the space cabinets take up and make more room for storage. The best part is that replacing a kitchen cabinet with drawers can be very affordable. This is something that most homeowners don’t know of. So next time you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, you will have this option on your hands to address your space issues and save you some bucks at the same time.

Another easy way to go about this is by simply mixing and matching cabinets and drawers. Through refacing you save and reuse the cabinet space. This can be done by the mixing and matching process when you reconfigure within that cabinet space.

Upgrading to Slam Proof Hinges

Your old kitchen cabinet and its old hinges might be causing a lot of noise when opened and closed. They might even be closing with a harsh snap. To avoid or improve this, you can simply replace the old hinges with new ones. This will allow for a smooth closing of the cabinets without any noise. Moreover, now technologically advanced hinges are introduced into the market as well. They make use of soft-close technology and help avoid the banging of the cabinets, doors, drawers, etc.

Adding Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions

Your existing cabinets can be refaced by personalizing them according to your lifestyle. If you are someone who needs tons of storage in their kitchen for the utensils, washed dishes, and more; then you can simply resolve this by installing a drawer-peg system in them. This would also help keep things more organized.

New Hardware

When refacing your existing cabinets, keep in mind that your hardware should go along with your hinges or refaced hinges. Otherwise, it could all look out of place. Your choice of pulls or knobs should be coordinated with the hinges of your cabinet doors. This is important because re-hanging your cabinet doors can be difficult and tricky. To avoid this, a better option would be to take adjustable hinges into account. They allow for adjustments and fine-tuning to be done with a screwdriver.

New Prints and Patterns

Painting or changing the finishing of your kitchen cabinets is not the only way to reface the surface. You can look into new prints and patterns as well. For these, you can even make use of DIYs that are available online or get yourself a designer who could do the job for you.

Every person has a different lifestyle, and one way to figure it out is by looking at their home. Especially their kitchen. Every little detail, makes you get an idea of how an individual spends their average day and what their lifestyle or preferences are. This is why it is important to pay attention to such small details when building your house. Remodeling or upgrading certain parts of your house is also an important thing to do. It makes your home feel alive. Maintenance is important. Everything has a certain expiry date. Nothing lasts forever; similar is the case for home interior trends and even for the best quality products used. They require to be upgraded after some time. This is why we say that upgrading or refacing a kitchen cabinet is also important. It helps give a new and enhanced look to your kitchen and saves you the hassle of remodeling your entire kitchen. So, next time when you feel like upgrading your kitchen space, you know what to look into first.