A company’s reception area is not just an “area”, rather it marks the entrance of your company. It is the real star of the entrance which is why it needs to stand out. It needs to make an impact and be welcoming at the same time. Just as the main door is the first impression of a house, the reception area of your office plays a similar role. Its design and interior need to be well-thought-out. Every single part of the room’s interior needs to be aligned together. This itself acts as a marketing tactic.

Some of the things that need to be kept in mind when designing your company’s reception area are:

A Well-Thought Room Interior Layout:

One of the most important things to consider when planning the layout of your reception area, is that it needs to be uncluttered. The furniture needs to be placed at an appropriate distance but at the same time, you need to make sure that it is close enough for people to feel welcome in the environment. Consider the further placement thoroughly as well. We recommend positioning the reception table facing the front door of your office entrance. Just make sure it is placed at an appropriate distance from the front door to avoid any difficulty for people when they enter.

Use of Stylish yet Comfortable Furniture:

The furniture that you place in your reception area needs to be comfortable yet stylish. The reason for its comfort is that you don’t know the exact reason someone might be coming into your office. The reasons could include:

  • For an interview
  • For a meeting
  • To pick someone up
  • For a deal closure
  • For a sales pitch
  • To drop in their resume and many other reasons

Due to unpredictability of the reason for someone to come in, the seating arrangement, especially, needs to be comfortable. Cushioned chairs are the best! So that if a person is required to sit and wait, they can do so in peace and not feel uncomfortable. Now, while being there, they might have even more time to observe the area closely. This is the reason for the furniture to be stylish and modern as well, including the reception table. So that the first impression you leave on someone regarding your office lasts and that too with class.

Edwag’s Lorient reception table is one of the finest picks for your reception area and is sure to leave a lasting first impression. It is classy, it is bold and it has a modern-day touch to it with its backlit bottom border. The black and white colors that it comes in can make it fit well with any kind of room interior. They’re both classics.

Choice of Color and Light

The color and light that you choose for your company’s front area determines the kind of energy you want your reception area to project. There are two types of approaches that most offices go for:

  • Welcoming
  • Calming Vibe

In case of a welcoming approach, it is recommended to go with warm colors as mentioned earlier as well. Colors that would be suitable for a welcoming or cheerful energy are: orange or maybe a nice lime yellow. Bright colors are also a great way to give off an energetic and bold image of your company. However, if you want to project rather calming energy it would be suitable to make use of neutral or cool colors such as nude shades or maybe grey.

For lighting, it is recommended that you make use of natural lighting, as it is generally more welcoming and easier on the eyes as well. If you are unable to make use of a natural source of lighting in your reception space, then simply fit in bulbs and tube-lights which can mimic natural daylight.

All these factors of designing need to be aligned with one another to form a consistent room interior. It should all be blending in together, only then can you achieve the star entrance of your office. But hey, don’t forget to have fun during the process of remodeling your office’s reception space or designing your next business’ area.