There is a persisting argument that exists between choosing a fitted cupboard or a portable cupboard (also known as a freestanding wardrobe).  A portable wardrobe may have its perks too but a fitted one is more suitable in the long run. It’s a one-time investment, which would help you in the best of ways for ages. Here are some of the reasons as to why a fitted wardrobe is recommended as compared to a portable one.

Pros of Choosing a Fitted Cupboard over a Portable Cupboard:

  • A fitted wardrobe enables one to utilize maximum space for storage and capacity.
  • It is built per your room; the dimensions, and what would fit with its interior the best.
  • You have various designs to choose from and are not limited to availability only.
  • It can be designed as per your style, lifestyle, and organizing preferences.
  • A fitted cupboard saves search time for things and allows you to organize your wardrobe more visually.
  • There are several colors and finishing options available at hand.
  • If you are buying from an interior designing or furniture brand like Edwags, we offer customizations even for our portable cupboards by designing them according to your room’s needs and converting it into a fitted wardrobe. Amada, our freestanding wardrobe, is a perfect example of the kind of cupboard that your room needs and we are here to cater to them by customizing it into a fitted wardrobe so that it becomes your room’s perfect fit.
  • Fitted wardrobes help make your room seem bigger, mainly because they are full length. They draw one’s eye till the ceiling, rather than just being able to capture three-quarters of the way up the wall as freestanding wardrobes do.
  • A fitted wardrobe with an add-on mirror is always a bonus! It makes a small room look bigger and gives depth to your room as well. Slidable mirror wardrobes do the same trick as well.
  • A fitted wardrobe with mirrored doors makes the room more vibrant and bright. They maximize the available natural light.
  • Mirrored fitted wardrobes also save the wall space that would have been occupied by a separate floor length mirror.

These type of wardrobes may be expensive to install but it is an investment which is worth your money. It’s value for money. You get it made once and you get to have everything you’d want in your dream wardrobe. This is the main advantage a fitted customized cupboard has over a portable cupboard which only has limited variety and fewer customizing options that can be added to it.