Open kitchens are one of the IT designs being preferred these days. Still, there is a certain chunk of people who are not open towards the idea of such kitchens and are more inclined towards the traditional kitchen interior and set-up.

We are here to convince that chunk of people. If you are amongst that percentage, then you have landed on the right blog. Here are 5 advantages of having an open kitchen which will, if not convince you to have one, then at least make you consider having it.

  1. Open Kitchen – A Source of Entertainment

Open kitchens are a better option if you want an interactive area. They are good for entertainment. It is easier to stay connected with your friends, family, or guests even if you are busy in the kitchen. These type are connected to or simply open up into another room and enable you to directly communicate with those present. They’re a perfect option for modern and contemporary homes.

  1. More Spacious than Usual

One of the main advantages of having an open kitchen is that it more spaceous. Since such kitchens are connected with another room, it makes the two areas seem like one big space. Our recommendation would be to have this kitchen open into your living room because both of these areas are the most used spaces of your home. The purpose of making communication and interaction better will be fulfilled in this manner too.

Our Cuenca Kitchen is the perfect example of a spacious open kitchen, which, if connected to your living room, will not only make your space stand out but also make the area seem more spacious. Be it the classy white marble look or the modern matte black marble look, Edwags has it all covered with the floor being provided in 2 options as well; wooden and simple marble tiles. Everything has been tailored to fit your home interior perfectly.

  1. Energy Saving

Open kitchens are great for electricity bill reduction. If you have your kitchen opening into your living room, it will make things even better. It is because a living room is usually designed to allow and utilize natural light. That will enable this natural light to be accessed by the kitchen as well especially if the kitchen itself does not have any such windows. Another thing which will help in reducing your electricity bills is that during the day you won’t have to turn on any extra lights in the kitchen separately. The light coming in from the living room or other room would be more than enough.

  1. Ideal Traffic Flow

With more guests coming in, an open kitchen allows an ideal traffic flow. This is because plenty of space has been created and additional seating as well. If you decide to have our Cuenca kitchen installed, you will just have to add bar stools to the already provided benchtop. This would allow you to create more seating space and enjoy the relaxing vibe with your friends and family.

  1. Easier Parental Access

If you are a toddler’s mom or have to look after young children, an open kitchen is your hack to an easier life. Since the kitchen would be connected to your main room, you will have the opportunity to keep an eye on your kids without having to worry about your chores. Your children will be at a safe distance from you, right in front of your eyes. This will minimize the chance of any accidents taking place.

You might still want to go ahead with a conventional kitchen but at least now you know the reasons why you should consider having an open kitchen. And above all, you know exactly where to come and who to contact if you want to have one fitted in your home. Edwags has got your back.