A kitchen is considered to be the most important room in a house. Considering this, making sure that it
has the right ambience should be a priority when designing it. Everyone has a different vision in mind
when designing it, but the ambience should never be missed out. It should have a warm and comfortable
feeling. We at Edwags, strongly believe in this and make sure to provide the right kind of ambience when
designing the area for you.
Here are some of the reasons as to why we feel like the ambience of your little kitchenette is important
and what we keep in mind when designing them for you.

A Kitchen Influences Lifestyle

The way as to how one makes use of their cookery has evolved over-time. Conventionally, they used to be
smaller in size and were only used to prepare and cook meals. However, these days it has become a multi-
purpose area. This has developed the need for them to be larger in size and spacious, with greater storage
capacity as well. Unlike the conventional way, they are not necessarily separated from the living area or
the dining area. They can even open into them, or in other news, the dining area can also be made
available in the kitchenette.
Our Tenerife Island is the perfect definition of modern-day kitchens. Some of the features that it entails are:
  • A concrete, stone benchtop – bar seating area (can be used as a counter, dining table, breakfast area)
  • Storage cabinets
  • Textured splashback
  • Spacious
  • Large in size
  • Shelve areas (for extra storage purposes)
  • Backlit walls
  • Latest fittings

Space where Families Gather

Kitchens are the places where families mostly get together during their day, just to catch up on small
details or to discuss what needs to be cooked. It’s like a small hangout spot. Wouldn’t you want a place
like this to be presentable and have a nice, positive feeling to it? Which is why we say that the ambience
of kitchens matters a lot.
This is another reason for it to be spacious enough, to be able to fit multiple people in one space. A bar
seating area is the best feature that can be added to it so that it can cater to this need. Add bar-stools to the
benchtop of our Tenerife Island, and you have to yourself an area to hang out with your family while
having your routine tasks carried out.

A Kitchen is an Evolving Space

As mentioned earlier, cookery is considered to be a dynamic space as certain changes are made in it from
time to time according to one’s growing needs and want. Initially, a place which was only used for
cooking is now also used as a place for families and friends to hang out in. It is considered to be an
essential place for communicating, storage and seating. Its approach, technologically, has evolved as well
due to:
  • Having eco-friendly appliances
  • Having smart devices
    A kitchen is considered to be the most important room in a house. Considering this, making sure that it
    has the right ambience should be a priority
  • Having sustainable, energy-saving appliances
Edwags is providing all of these functionalities in its modern-day styled Tenerife Island kitchen because
we know how important the ambience of your kitchen is and we value our customers. Quality interior,
designing, and customer satisfaction are what we aim to achieve.