Have you ever given thought to the feelings experienced when you look at the main door of your house? The front door is one of the most important elements of the house. The door is the first thing that anyone will notice when they come to your house. Edwags provides you with an elegant and stylish front door that will leave a lasting impression on all your guests. Browse through our collection and consider the best doors to compliment your house. The main door is the sight that brings you joy at the end of a long day and the place where you greet all your visitors. The entry door needs to make a statement. Let’s go through some factors that should be considered when buying a door so you end up with a good quality one.

Elements of a Good Front Door:

  • Durability: A good door should be strong and durable. It is important for the door to be secure and to be able to withstand forceful impacts. Security is a big feature of the main door as it is an initial defense against intruders. For extra security, you should add good locks and bolts.


  • Weather Resistance: Main doors endure the most wear and tear due to exposure to the weather all year round. Heavy rain, strong winds, humidity, radiation, and heat from the sun are all going to test your door and put under duress. The entry door should be able to withstand all kinds of weather and environment changes and last for a few decades.


  • Attractiveness: Entry doors are the highlight of your house and the exterior’s look. It is the first thing that any visitor will see. That is why the main door needs to look beautiful. It should be customized to suit your home’s design and have a lasting appeal.


  • Energy Saving: When it comes to saving energy, be it heating or air conditioning, the front door is the most vulnerable point. Doors should be insulated and have weather seals. A good door that is correctly fixed will prevent the entry and escape of air. This will ensure energy efficiency, indoor comfort, and contribute towards reduced utility bills as well.


Warranty: Warranty is an important factor to consider when buying a door. It will cover any damages and defects and ensure protection for a given time period. Healthy warranties are good but a quality purchase is more important even if the warranty for an excellent product is low.

These features can be used to ensure the quality of not only the front door but for any door in the house. Assessing doors based on these elements will make sure that it functions and lasts for many years. Edwags uses the highest quality materials for its main doors that ensure total satisfaction for our customers.