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Visualizing new house perspective to be designed by the architects


The modern ranch-style house to be designed by architects should balance organic material with uncomplicated design. The design of the house actually includes two types of volumes, one that’s vertical and closed off, which house the stairs, bathrooms, storage, and bedrooms, while the second volume is considered horizontal and transparent, meant for something entertaining. Landscaping at the front of the house highlights the path to the front door. Therefore, stepping inside the gate and there should be a small courtyard that provides access to the custom pivoting glass front door. The front entryway should open up to the living room that would showcase walls and an open flame fireplace. The house should feature an open plan and floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize incredible views. Apparently, less covered walkways providing access to each home, always give a glimpse of the lush surroundings and easily accessible outdoor living spaces including outdoor dining, a fireplace, and water feature a plentiful space for family gatherings.


Looking at the main living area, the walls of white Rift Oak paneling should be used to add a touch of warmth to space. Therefore, architects should make sure that there are a large skylight and window to help and keep the stairwell bright. Each home designed individually has its own living room with a dining area and a kitchen. Green walls should be added that helps in highlighting the interior walls.

Clerestory windows play an important part throughout the home designing, likely in the kitchen and hidden lighting adds a soft glow throughout the house. Perhaps, architects perceive were to design a house, plan it carefully and then deal with home décor.


Between the bedroom and the bathroom, there should be a custom-designed walk-in closet featuring hidden lighting, walls with different styles, ledge and honed. In the bathrooms, a wall with vertical tiles acts as a backdrop. In another bathroom, architects can design a balcony alongside the bathroom which would definitely add luxury in the house plan.


A small sitting area adjacent to the kitchen always charms the area in the house. The kitchen should provide homeowners with such a space to entertain family and friends.

The idea of sunken terrace highlighted by a Japanese Tea House, where the light dances throughout the IPE slats creates a dramatic shadow play in the surrounding. Large shadowed established trees and bush surrounds the property, providing shade and privacy.


Wood designed home décor, like wooden ceilings around and down to the walls especially in the living room, brings in a natural touch to the interior of the modern designed house. An opened floor plan designed by an architect suchlike living room, dining room, and kitchen, makes the social areas ideal for entrainment, while the light from the floor-to-ceiling windows can travel throughout without being interrupted. At present, architects mostly prefer to design home exterior including bricks, stucco, painted steel, and glass, while walkways made from poured concrete. And the interiors of the home are given a fresh update, by the fresh flooring featuring white terrazzo with amber accents that helps in picking up the warmth of the earth tones found in the landscape surrounding of the house plan.


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